The Savvy Consignor

Level Up

You know the basics about consignment. Now, it's time to up your consignment game. Let's take consignment to a new level ... play it smart with our favorite savvy consignment tips! 

Consign and Shop

Did you know that you get 30% off the entire Boutique each time you consign? Play it savvy ... make your consignment day your shopping day!

Stay Connected

Putting together a consignment, and unsure about a certain brand or style? Call us! We're happy to answer any consignment-related questions you might have. 

Your Schedule

Plan a time that works best for you! Remember, you don't need an appointment to consign. We take consignments Monday through Saturday, between 10am and 5pm. We just ask that you remain in the Boutique while we review your items.


The math is simple: the more you consign, the more you receive in store credit and on your check. Bring in more items for consignment and receive a larger check.

Become Elite

Be an elite consignor! Did you know that if your account accrues more than $100 within a single month, you receive a $20 shopping gift card for the Boutique? It's on us ... it's our thank you to you for being such a stellar consignor!