Natural Fibers


When we think of natural fibers in clothing, four come to mind: cotton, linen, silk, and wool. Cotton is perfect for everything, and we mean everything, from socks to lightweight jackets, from simple tees to classic blue jeans. Linen, which is derived from flax, is light and breezy. Worn as tunics, dusters, trousers, and dresses this fabric keeps you cool in the warm months. Silk is the most elegant of the natural fibers, and is typically associated with formal wear: gowns, trousers, jackets, and blouses … put on a silk and you feel lux. Thanks to sheep, goats, and alpacas, we’re cozy in the winter with wool and cashmere sweaters, cardigans, scarves, and hats.

We’re branching out to discuss other “natural” fibers. And while some may say they are not “natural” fibers, they are derived from natural sources. We’ll discuss the background and benefits of cellulose-based fibers, bamboo, and hemp.

Rayon, Modal, Lyocell

Trees. Not only do they provide shade, they're used to make fabric as well. Let’s look at the three generations of fibers … rayon, modal, lyocell.

First there was rayon. Rayon and its descendants such as cupro and viscose, are cellulose-based fabrics. Once hailed as artificial silk, rayon has a similar weight, texture, and overall flow of silk. It’s usually derived from pine, spruce, and hemlock, although cotton waste is also used in production. The downside of rayon is that it has a low wet strength. It can shrink or be pulled out of shape if not carefully washed (dry cleaning is often recommended). Also, the manufacturing of rayon involves chemicals, and chemical waste. If you are looking for an eco-friendly fabric, this isn’t it.

Then came modal. The manufacturing technique was improved, and the product was too. Modal is derived from beech trees. Modal is generally known for its softness and durability. Don’t you just love a modal top? Garments made with modal are always super soft. The good news? Modal has a high wet strength. Wash it, dry it, and it’ll behave. It doesn’t shrink or get pulled out of shape like rayon. And modal production uses an eco-friendly bleaching method for the beech pulp.

Next in our lineup of cellulose-based fabrics is lyocell, which is referred to as the 3rd generation of the three fabrics. Lyocell has everything going for it. Like modal, lyocell has a high wet strength, making it a durable fabric. It also absorbs perspiration and allows it to evaporate quickly, all while being resistant to developing odors. Great, right? The lyocell brand, Tencel is even better. Derived from sustainable eucalyptus tree farms, it is hailed as an extremely eco-friendly fabric. There is no tree waste in the manufacturing process. But the big kick is this: A “closed-loop process” is used to produce Tencel. This process completely recovers or decomposes all the solvents involved in the manufacturing process. And to top it all off, Tencel is completely biodegradable. So, when its life is over, it will decompose. Until then, our garments that are made of Tencel are lightweight, durable, will keep us cool, and will hold up with repeated laundering.


Although bamboo sometimes graces clothing and accessories in the form of hardware, like bamboo buttons or toggles, it’s also processed as a fabric. Bamboo has become popular because of its eco-friendliness. It can be grown without pesticides and has a rapid growth and replenishment rate. Fabric made from bamboo is light and strong, and a good insulator. Bamboo has also been hailed as anti-bacterial, and a natural odor repellent. Plus, bamboo is biodegradable. However, it loses some of its eco-friendly status with its initial processing. Some of the chemical components used at this stage are toxic.

Bamboo is extremely versatile -- the range of fabric types that bamboo can be made into is astounding. Bamboo fabrics include velvets, knits, wovens, smoother silk-like fabrics, linen textured fabrics, and even denim!

Bamboo fabrics are made in two ways: in the first, the stalks are crushed and then the fibers combed out. This method is very similar to the way flax is processed into linen. The second method involves breaking down the fibers themselves with chemicals, and then spinning them out as thread. If you're searching for an eco-friendly fabric involving bamboo, try a fabric made from the former method rather than the latter. Fewer chemicals are used in manufacturing and the bamboo is closer to its original state. Some governments require that bamboo fabrics from the second "rayon method" be listed as rayon made from bamboo, instead of natural bamboo fabric.


Hemp is a long fiber, much like ramie or cotton. It's a dense plant, growing quickly, without any need for herbicides or fertilizers. Also, hemp has no adverse effects on the soil in which it is grown, meaning it can be planted in the same field year after year. Currently, China is the world's largest producer of hemp. Federal and state laws regulate growing hemp in the U.S., due to the similitude it bears to marijuana -- the two plants are almost identical, although hemp contains minimal amounts of the narcotic component found in marijuana.

The hemp fiber is incredibly durable: three times more so than cotton. It also is more lustrous. Hemp clothing is lightweight, absorbent, and has UV qualities. Hemp is easy to grow, sustainable, and incredibly versatile -- it can be used to make anything from knit to denim. If you're searching for an eco-friendly fiber, hemp might be just right for you!

Stain Busters

Summertime... and all the stains. Is it just us, or does summer seem to attract more stains? Maybe it's just that there are a lot more fruit smoothies and barbecue dinners in the summertime. Maybe we’re wearing lighter color clothing, so stains are more noticeable. Maybe we’re just outdoors more; more activities bring more opportunities for stains. Whatever the case, the bottom line is this … stains are so annoying! It’s time to focus in on our favorite stain-busting garment care techniques.


TIDE STICK: Always pack a Tide Stick, or equivalent spot treatment. These handy gadgets work wonders when it comes to taking care of fresh stains.

WET WIPES: A pocket pack of wet wipes has saved many a coffee-stained shirt. Treat the stain immediately, and it will be easier to launder later. This is especially true for oil stains. Don't let those bad boys set in ... take care of them immediately for the best results.

LIQUID DISH SOAP: This is a super powerful stain fighting agent! For food stains, immediately rub dish detergent into the back side of the affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then launder as usual. Liquid dish soap powers through grease on dishes ... so let it work on your clothing too. 

SWEETENER PACKET: You’re eating out and you spill a little something on your top. Reach for that Splenda packet. Blot the oil or grease spot with the sweetener powder, and then brush it off. 

VINEGAR: Moisten a paper towel with a small amount of undiluted white vinegar. Blot the stain and then launder as usual. Vinegar can work on old stains as well. 



CLOTHING: Oil stains can be tough, but they don't have to ruin your outfit. Just be sure to take care of them immediately, so they don't have time to set in. For fabric, sprinkle some baby powder on the stain, rub it in, and let it sit for 10 minutes before laundering. The powder will absorb the oil.

WHITE TOPS: Grease stains are some of the toughest stains to get out. Can Coca Cola help remove them? We’ve read several recommendations to add a can of Coke, along with your regular laundry soap, to the wash cycle for stain removal. We tried it with three white tops … and it worked!

LEATHER HANDBAG: If the oil stain is on leather, try sprinkling sprinkle baby powder or corn starch on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes, then brush the powder away. Repeat as needed until the stain has faded, then apply leather conditioner to the whole area to smooth and soften any remaining marks or lines.


DEODORANT MARKS: Here are a few easy ways to remove deodorant marks from a black top. Use a section of panty hose to gently rub those marks away. If you don’t have hosiery on hand, reach for denim, coarse canvas, or even a dryer sheet. These are all great options for drawing deodorant marks out of dark colored clothing items.

INK STAINS: Did you know that rubbing alcohol removes ink and sharpie stains? Dilute with water, and gently rub into the stained area. Rinse and repeat as needed. And in a pinch, a pump or two of hand sanitizer can accomplish the same task, because of its alcohol content.

GRASS STAINS: Rubbing alcohol works great on grass stains too. Blot it onto the fresh grass stain. Continue to blot the area with full-strength rubbing alcohol until the stain is removed. Wash, and air dry, and repeat with the rubbing alcohol if needed.

SHOE STAINS: Mr. Clean erasers work wonders on rubber and durable, coated leather! First, use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess dirt or grass. Then use the Mr. Clean eraser to spot treat those set-in stains. This is a great way to refresh your summer sneakers and casual slip-ons.

PINK LAUNDRY: Have you ever had a red clothing item accidentally laundered with a whites load? Ugh! Now everything is pink! Rewash the whites load with a cup of distilled vinegar and regular detergent, immediately. Repeat if necessary.

RED WINE: Have you heard that white wine gets out red wine stains? It’s true! Daub a little white wine on a red wine stain to remove it.


Cruise Packing and Travel Tips


Cruise Packing

Pack Like a Pro:  Are you taking a cruise this summer? Minimize the amount of clothing to pack by being savvy about the laundry amenities onboard. Check into your laundry accommodations ahead of time. Will you have access to laundry facilities? If not, consider packing a travel container of laundry soap, and just hand wash from the comfort of the sink in your own suite! One of our favorite tips, from a cruise-savvy ReRun shopper, is to pack inflatable hangers. Have you seen these amazing things? They take up hardly any space. Wash your essentials, and simply hang them to dry. If you opt for this route, be sure to keep an eye out for light weight cotton and nylon fabrics ... they dry quicker.

Coffee:  All right, coffee lovers everywhere! Pack your favorite commuter mug for your trip! You’ll be so glad you have it with you. Not only for the volume of coffee … your mug holds more than a little disposable cup, but for the seal … if you’re carrying coffee up and down stairs on the cruise ship, spill prevention is key!

Pack Easy Knits:  The best traveling knit is an acetate-spandex knit. Many brands make an acetate-spandex line that’s perfect for packing and traveling. Knits pack like a dream. They don’t wrinkle. They have a fluid-like drape, which is flattering on any body shape. A sleeveless knit maxi dress is comfortable and casual. It easily transitions to evening time with a change of accessories. Opt for lacy trousers with a long tunic top; perfect for poolside. Other great knit options include sequined tops and maxi knit skirts. Comfortable and casual, and the sequins add a little party touch of their own. For a dressier event, look no further than a floral print knit jumpsuit: comfy, classy, and again, no wrinkles. And the icing on the cake? These knits can easily go from day to evening, depending on the accessories you pair with them. 

Packing Tips

Are you flying this summer? Here are a few of our favorite flying tips, both general, and for packing!

One Carry-on, One Personal Bag:  On most airlines, you're allowed a carry-on bag, plus one personal bag. Sometimes that "personal bag" doesn't have to be your purse ... choose a larger bag, such as a large tote bag or a small duffel, to help maximize your packing space. If it will fit under the seat in front of you, you're good to go! Be sure to double check with your specific airline for any updated information.

Roll, Don't Fold:  Did you know that clothing is easier to pack if you roll the garments, instead of folding? It takes less room too and can also help prevent wrinkling.

Don't Check Your Jewelry:  Never put your valuables in your checked luggage. Pack them in your carry-on instead, or better yet, in your personal bag, so they're right next to you!

Bonus Travel Tip:  Do you get thirsty on long flights? To the point that the tiny cup of complimentary water just doesn't cut it? You can't take a full bottle of water through security but try this instead: Take an empty bottle with you through security, and fill it on the other side, before boarding.

Travel Tips - Fashion & Style

Fly in style, and in comfort too.

Slip-On: No one likes the trudge through airport security. One of the easiest ways to streamline the process is to wear shoes that slip on and off easily. Think loafers, ballet flats, or even ankle-boots. And of course, slide-on sandals and mules are the trendy choice for this spring and summer!

Be Jewelry Conscious: If you opt to wear jewelry, make it easier on yourself by choosing long necklaces (that can slip over your head) and cuff bracelets (easy on and easy off). After all, no one likes being bogged down at the metal detector!

Comfort is Key: Consider ditching the blue jeans ... choose knits instead. Opt for a colorful maxi skirt, or sleek leggings paired with a long tunic top. If you're going to be sitting for hours, nothing is comfier than a jersey knit.

Layer It Up: How do you balance the blistering summer temperatures and the chill of an airline cabin? With layers, of course! Try an oversized, comfy knit cardigan. Tie it around your waist if it gets in the way, and simply slip it on when things get chilly. If you get cold easily, consider packing a lightweight scarf in your carry-on.

Vacation Packing

The Beach

A beach vacation … it’s all about the water! Swimming, sunning, and chilling. You’ll be covered in maximum SPF sunscreen and enjoying a week of relaxing in the sun. Your beach vacation is complete R&R! While you’ll have a lot of lounging beach-side, there are other restful activities as well. You may be boating, water skiing, exploring tide pools, and taking in an evening show. You’re just headed to the beach, but with so many entertainment options, you’ll have a lot to consider when packing. You may find that you need a wider variety of outfit choices when headed to the beach, since there’s so much to do.

Top of the list is sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and a pair of sunglasses. Easy slip on sandals are a beach-side must … that sand is hot. What about your swimsuit cover-up? A breezy wrap or a sarong are classic toppers. You might also consider a light cotton midi-dress, a maxi dress, or a knit maxi-skirt. Light and airy fabrics will flow nicely and dry quickly when you have a swimsuit underneath. Short-shorts or a mini-skirt make good cover-ups also. Be sure to pack a light cardigan. The evenings may get chilly and the restaurants are cold inside.

Most places have a resort-casual dress code but why not pack one dressier outfit when you want to step out on the town? Nothing formal. But a spaghetti-strap dress gives you the “wow factor” and with a pair of heeled sandals, you’re good to go anywhere!

Accessories are easy - keep them simple and minimal. Wear simple gold or silver pieces.  A bright beach tote is fun; if it’s extra-large, everything fits in it. Don't forget to pack at least one statement jewelry piece, and you’ll be looking as hot as that sand you ran across earlier!


Does your summer vacation include camping and hiking? We love the great outdoors, away from the city. Hiking and exploring, afternoons lounging at the campsite, and chill time around the campfire. While we’re not here to talk about camping and hiking gear … we do have a few tips about looking fashionable at the campsite, and tips about skin care too.

Fashion/Skin Care Tip #1:  If you head out on a day hike, or just to explore the area around your campsite, a long-sleeved top and pants are in order. Skin wise? Not only will it keep you safe from the sun, it will protect your skin from insects and any kind of ivy that could cause an allergic reaction. Fashion wise? A linen blouse with light-weight cargo trousers is perfect. The fabric is breathable, so you’re not too warm, and more areas of skin are protected from the elements.

Fashion/Skin Care Tip #2:  When you’re back and lounging at the campsite, it's a perfect time to don some cute shorts and a top. Skin wise? Of course, we recommend sunscreen and if you're a mosquito magnet, apply that bug spray as well! Fashion wise? What better time to wear your favorite pair of light-wash denim shorts and a flowing top? The denim shorts are just too cute and the flowing top … it flows; bye-bye clingy-look and visible muffin topping.

Fashion/Skin Care Tip #3: Layers. Yes, even in the summertime, layering is a fashion must-do. Skin wise? If you want your skin to remain dry and comfortable, an absorbent foundation layer is a must. Consider an undershirt that will draw the moisture away from your skin. Fashion wise? Layers add interest. They give you that pulled together look, even when you’re camping. Top your undershirt with a long draping knit vest or scarf.

Enjoy your camping and hiking vacation this summer, being smart with your skin care and looking just as fashionable as you please.


Have you decided to stay closer to home for your summer vacation? You still need a break from your busy work schedule, but this is the summer to be spent closer to home, with day trips to local attractions.

The DFW area has so much to offer … checking into an airbnb or a boutique hotel is a great way to have a staycation. You’re closer to home, but you’re still getting away. With a week off and staying local, you’ll have a great time playing the tourist on your own home turf.

What do you pack for a staycation? If you plan on staying at home and not going anywhere … then you don’t need much: PJs and a new book. If you’re venturing out to explore the sights, you’ll want to think about comfortable outfits that give a put-together look.

Pack your workout gear if you are into fitness. A staycation is a great way to run or walk new routes and see new sights. Pack cute shorts, loose miniskirts, a few tanks/t-shirts, and chic sandals. Be a tourist in your own city. Check out a museum or art gallery. You might not be on the beach but it's still hot and there is probably a pool at your hotel! So, don't forget your cute swimsuit, your cover up, and your sunscreen!

Pack your favorite "hot date" dress and sandals. Make a reservation at a new restaurant and give your "hot date" dress a good workout. Let your personality shine with whatever accessories you have and keep your makeup minimal and elegant - remember you are still on vacation!

And if you need more room for more books? Then pack another bag! After all, there won't be any carry-on charges! Fit that staycation into your hectic schedule and take some down time for a little R&R! 

You deserve it!

Capsule Wardrobe


The Basics

Capsule packing focuses on using the minimum number of pieces to achieve the maximum desired effect. If the capsule wardrobe has a motto, it might be "less is more."

The benefits are readily recognizable -- easier packing, less items to keep track of, and fewer pieces to launder while on vacation. It’s possible to fit your wardrobe items into your carry-on and skip checking a larger luggage piece.

The capsule wardrobe is a small and trusty collection of wardrobe essentials that all mix and match well with each other. It's important to choose one basic and overarching color scheme -- it will make the planning and coordinating that much easier! 

Foundation Pieces

Jeans, crops, and shorts are our foundation pieces for the capsule wardrobe.

Of the three, our favorite component to a capsule wardrobe is a pair of skinny jeans. Extremely versatile, skinny jeans can be dressed up or dressed down, making them appropriate for the evening as well as the daytime. A solid, dark wash skinny jean is classy and dressy. Leave them long or cuff them up into crops for a more casual look, skinny jeans are a definite staple.

It’s summer, so one pair of shorts, and a pair of cropped jeans balance out the foundation pieces.

The Specifics

First, pick a color scheme. Identify the top three-five colors that you normally wear, and that dominate your wardrobe. 

Our color scheme is navy, white, yellow, charcoal, and brown.

The key to a capsule wardrobe is to make sure that every single top you pack will coordinate with every pair of bottoms, whether they are shorts, trousers, or a skirt. 

There may be that one patterned skirt or brightly colored pair of shorts that will only work with two or three shirts, so there is an element of wiggle room. BUT ... a good rule of thumb is to ensure that each pair of bottoms matches all the shirts you pack. Just by doing that, you've increased your outfit options! For example, if you pack five pairs of bottoms and five tops, you already have 25 different outfit combinations!

Accessories are more critical: make sure that every pair of shoes you pack works with every outfit combination. Even if you only pack two pairs of shoes, you double your outfit combo possibilities.

The same rule applies to jewelry. Pack two or three jewelry sets that will each work with every single outfit. Packing one or two scarves increases your outfit combinations even more.

The concept is simple. But the hard part is establishing a versatile color scheme and coordinating EVERYTHING with EVERYTHING else.

A Mini-Vacay Plan

We’ve envisioned an extended weekend trip to California. The central coast is lovely in July, so we can expect cool weather overnights and mild temps during the days. Maybe the weekend includes outdoor gatherings, shopping, a wine tasting tour, and an evening show. A low key and casual weekend, spending time outdoors with family sounds delightful. We’ve selected the color scheme for a California weekend getaway: navy, yellow, white, black, and brown.

Our foundation pieces include dark-wash skinny jeans, white cropped jeans, and blue jean shorts. Six different tops provide ample mix and match possibilities for all three pairs of bottoms. In case more chic attire is called for, we’re thinking a navy and white tie-dye maxi skirt would be the perfect option.

We’ve selected two scarves that will coordinate with all the tops and bottoms; stripes and florals are perfect accents. They increase the outfit combo power exponentially! For cooler days and evenings out, a wide scarf doubles as a lovely wrap. The jewelry is a mix of silver, charcoal, and white. These two sets give plenty of options for all the outfits. We chose a brown leather tote as the main bag for the weekend. It’s light weight, durable, and holds everything! Navy wedge sandals, yellow mules, and gold loafers give us enough options for weekend events. Whether it’s sight-seeing, light walks, or an afternoon show, these coordinate with all outfit options, plus they’re comfortable, and adorable too.

One capsule wardrobe bonus … everything fits into a carry-on suitcase, making it easy to bypass baggage claim and be out of the airport in no time!  Super easy! Hooray for the minimization of packing!

All About Pearls


What do you think of when you think of pearls? Royalty? Ballgowns, heels, and red lipstick? Do you find yourself thinking of timeless fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn?

Audrey Hepburn’s style was chic, timeless, and oh-so-elegant. And she didn't just wear pearls ... she wore them well. Perhaps no other jewelry item is so specific to Audrey as the pearl necklace. Whether it was a single strand, or a dazzling statement piece, Audrey is still well known for her pearl necklaces.

Is any jewelry collection truly complete without a pearl necklace? Whether it's a long, simple strand, or a multi-strand statement necklace, a girl needs her pearls. Pearls are the perfect complement to the Little Black Dress and an evening out, or they can add a fun and feminine twist to a knit top, jeans, and a pair of heels.

Are you ready to take your pearls to the next level? Try donning them backwards! With a deep V-back, your pearls will provide a unique accent. And their lovely clasp is instantly a dramatic pendant at the neckline. Very Audrey!

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces with pearls are unique and fun! 

A long strand of chunky faux pearls can also be worn as a double or triple stand. Wear them alone, or clip on a large enhancer pendant for a touch of fun.

Pearls on a leather cord give an edgier look. Worn more casually, this is a great accent piece for an artsy linen tunic or a casual chambray blouse.

Do you need a dressier option? Something to spice-up an after-5 dress? Choose a multi-strand necklace for a dramatic effect. 


Pearl accents are a great way to wear pearl jewelry. When you want to wear pearls, but you want a more delicate look, earrings, rings, and bracelets might be your perfect pieces.

Instead of dramatic all-pearl statement pieces, opt for pearl accents. Choose jewelry pieces that incorporate pearl into their overall design but aren't overwhelmingly pearl.

Delicate earrings and beaded statement rings add a subtle pearl touch. 

Pearl beaded bracelets add interest at the wrist. 


Pearls … oh so elegant … oh so timeless … oh so classic. The pearl is known as “the queen of gems and the gem of queens.”

Worn by royalty, strands of pearls are opulent and decadent. Worn as an everyday accessory, they are delicate, sweet, and feminine.

A strand of pearls is perfect for a black-tie affair or an afternoon out with your girlfriends. Chic, perennial, and utterly elegant.

No matter your event, no matter your style, pearls are a fabulous accessory option. 

Spring and Summer Shoe Trends

Animal Print

Oh yeah, this sweet print is here! Wear it as a sandal, heel, wedge, flat, loafer, or mule. There are so many options.

Pattern mixing is great with animal print. If you want to wear a tip-to-toe animal print ensemble, add a pump that mixes well. Or, wear bold solid colors, and add a pop of fun with an animal print heeled sandal.

Pair animal print pumps with a vibrant color skirt and blouse for a sophisticated look.

You can keep it simple with a white button down blouse, cuffed jeans, and animal print flats. Or, swap out the flats for heels to give an edgy vibe.

Lace-Up Sandals and Slides

Spring and summer are sandal weather. Dressy or simplistic, flats or heels, strappy, lace-ups, or slides. There are so many sandal options. 

Sandals pair well with most any outfit. Sandal styles range from casual to dressy. They are a perfect complement for your summer wear, no matter the occasion or style of outfit.

Artsy linen outfit? Floral silk maxi dress? Cuffed jeans or distressed shorts? Poolside or an afternoon reception? Morning wedding or an evening concert? Sandals are your summertime go-to accessory.

Lace-up and strappy sandals are edgy and fun. Pair with a light and breezy maxi dress or palazzo pant for a summer chic silhouette.  

Slides are so simplistic it’s amazing. Choose a bright color or bold print to complete your summertime outfit. You can slip them on in a flash, and you’re out the door. 

Mules and Kitten Heels

Kitten heels and mules have also made the fashion trend list this season. Kitten heels are just as sweet and cute as their name implies. The kitten heel is perfect when you want a heel, but not too much heel. 

On your feet all day long? A kitten heel is more versatile than a 3” pump. If you love heels, just not the height, the kitten heel may be a perfect option for you. Kitten heels come in a variety of options: closed toe, peep toe, sandals, and mules. 

Dressy or casual, kitten heels pair with an after-5 ensemble or a breezy summer dress.

Mules … this easy shoe comes in a wide variety of options and pairs well with different styles too. Mules are another great option that pair well with jeans, a flowing skirt, or a summery dress. This easy slip-on shoe is a great go-to piece. Whether you’re opting for a mule with a stacked heel, a closed-toe pump, or a peep toe with a lot of bling, there’s a perfect mule for you. Just slip them on and away you go.


What’s a summer without wedges? Wedge sandals are cheery and fun.

Wear them with a sundress and straw hat, or, pair them with ankle jeans and a silk tunic blouse. Available with any height, and with a platform base or not, these versatile sandals are perfect summer shoes. 

Choose a bohemian beaded wedge sandal to complement your fringed-trim ensemble. The silhouette is earthy and carefree.

Pair a floral-patterned platform sandal with a contrasting solid color silk-knit dress. The look is sweet and fun.

Whether you have a weekend getaway, an evening out on the town, or just an afternoon shopping spree with girlfriends, wedges and platforms are summertime perfect. 

What to Wear to a Wedding


Wedding Guest Fashion

Springtime is wedding season. It’s time to have an outfit or two available for upcoming weddings that you plan to attend. This week we are focusing on wedding guest fashion and attire. We’ll be talking about what to wear to morning, afternoon, and evening weddings, and showcasing outfits each day. 

The ceremony time is a key factor when deciding what to wear to a wedding. Morning weddings are casual, evening weddings are usually formal, and afternoon weddings are in between the two.

Whatever the level of formality, you want to be comfortable in your wedding guest attire. Choose items that are your style, and pair well with the level of formalness for the wedding ceremony. 

Avoid anything too revealing or sheer. It's the bride's day, and there should be no distractions or redirection of focus.

Wedding Attire: The Morning Wedding

Morning weddings are the most casual. Choose a bright and springy color, or a playful print dress in a lightweight woven or a comfortable knit. 

If the wedding is to be a very casual event, try a pair of flat sandals. Or to dress it up a little, swap out the sandals for a pair of heeled sandals. If the day is cool, slip on a light cardigan or blazer. Keep the accessories light and cheerful.

The Key:  Don’t overdo it. This isn’t a formal evening wedding. Keep the vibe simple and casual, yet clean and polished.

Wedding Attire: The Afternoon Wedding

Choosing an outfit for an early afternoon wedding can be challenging. It’s too late in the day for a casual summer dress, but too early to don a cocktail dress.

Steer away from cotton and knits. Try a more luxurious fabric, like a shimmery silk or a lace.

A sleeveless lace striped dress that hits just at the knee is perfect. It’s polished and not too casual, but still not an evening dress. Let the accessories compliment the vibe of the dress; simple and not overstated.

The Key: More polished and dressier than the attire for a morning wedding, but not over the top. Dressy, but not formal.

Wedding Attire: The Evening Wedding

A knee length cocktail dress is almost always appropriate, or a floor length formal gown if the occasion demands. 

The perennial question: Is it all right to wear black to an evening wedding in the spring? ABSOLUTELY YES. For an evening event, black is perfectly acceptable. 

However, if you prefer color, go with a vibrant solid color, and accessorize with black. 

Either way, evening weddings are the perfect time to sport elegant black or stunning, deep colors. 

As far as accessories go, black is classic and pairs well with most any outfit. Alternatively, bold-color accessories are perfect if you choose to wear a black dress. Rhinestone-studded velvet mules and a small handbag with gold hardware give plenty of sparkle and keep the celebratory mood.

The Key: Formal. Go with a cocktail dress, if not a floor length gown. The level of formality can be dictated by the location of the event.